4 Tips For Saving Money On K Cups

The Keurig coffee maker changed the way that people drink coffee. By using K cups, it is possible to have the perfect cup of coffee each morning without having to make a full pot. While utilizing your Keurig and K cups is less expensive than visiting your local coffee shop each morning, if your budget is tight you may want to save money on your K cups. Use the following tips to purchase K cups at the best price possible:

Pay Attention to Sales

While not incredibly frequent, K cups do go on sale at grocery stores and other retailers. In some cases, the sale price may be very attractive, and K cups may be used as a loss leader to bring people in. When you see a great sale on K cups, don't buy just one box-- purchase several boxes at once so you will have a good stockpile of K cups bought at a rock bottom price to hold you over until the next in-store sale.

Buy in Bulk

Like many types of products, buying K cups in bulk can net huge savings. You can look at your local warehouse club, but one of the best ways to purchase K cups in bulk at a great price is by shopping online. There are a number of online retailers that offer really great prices on bulk orders of K cups and they will be delivered right to your door, which will save you time and money since you won't have to drive to the store to shop.

Don't Be Brand Loyal

Since Keurig coffee makers have become so popular, many coffee brands now manufacture K cups. If you love a great cup of coffee but don't stick to buying only one brand of K cup, you can see some big savings. Different brands of K cups will be on sale at different times, and while you may have a favorite brand, buying a brand of K cup that is on sale will make your wallet happy. 

Consider a Reusable Filter

If you need to reign in the amount of money that you're spending on K cups, you might want to look into buying a reusable filter that will fit your Keurig coffee maker. If you alternate between using a K cup one morning and then filling up a reusable filter with ground coffee the next morning, your K cups will last longer.