4 Countertop Cooking And Display Equipment For A Food Industry Environment

Whether serving hot and cold foods at a restaurant or diner, or offering fresh food for sale at an upscale supermarket, the right equipment can make all the difference. For space-saving options, counter top equipment and supplies are a must-have. Whether the equipment is intended for food preparation, cooking, holding or merchandising, there are various options to choose from. The following is a short list and description of countertop cooking equipment and supplies the discerning chef might want to consider:

1. Countertop Electric Meat Slicer

This is an essential piece of equipment for small sandwich shops, delis and diners. For slicing roasts, cheese, ham and other meats, an electric counter top meat slicer is the way to go. The slicer can greatly improve efficiency in the kitchen. For the most versatility, you might look for a slicer with various slicing options that range from deli thin to 1 inch thick. Other features to look for include stainless steel blades with die cast aluminum body, a continuous on and off switch and a high torque motor with gear drive.

2. Induction Cook Top Burner

This is a small portable unit designed for a countertop or a table top. It is ideal for cooking small volumes of boiled foods such as rice or potatoes. An induction cook top burner will cook food faster than conventional electric or gas cooking through the use of electromagnetic energy. Induction cookers use a magnetic coil rather than conventional burners that transfer heat from the bottom. This ensures even cooking and less time wasted in the kitchen.

Many induction burners are constructed of ceramic-glass, which makes cleanup quite easy. Many have safety features such as automatic shut off or alerts that will let you know your food is overheating. It should also shut down when it detects no cookware on the burner. Digital control panels with countdown timers are convenient in any food industry environment. Keep in mind that induction ranges and burners call for special cooking equipment and utensils. It is recommended to use cast iron cookware or some type of magnetic materials such as stainless steel with a magnetic coating.

3. Stock Pot Kettle Rethermalizer

Newcomers to the food industry may wonder what makes a rethermalizer different from an ordinary soup or hot foods warmer kettle. The answer is simple: a rethermalizer will allow you to place chilled or cold foods (soups, stews, etc.) directly into the kettle. You can't do this with an ordinary warmer kettle which is designed to merely keep hot foods warm.

A counter top kettle stock pot or kettle is very convenient for heating foods straight from the refrigerator. It will then hold the heated food for a set amount of time. This type of unit will typically come with an insert and insert cover. Heat and serve units will make use of specially designed pans, eliminating the need for additional serving platters.

4. Countertop Merchandiser Display Units

For bakery shops and diners, this is another must-have supply. Choose from bakery display cases that will hold donuts, pasties and cakes, keeping them fresh all day. In addition, there are heated display cases that will keep foods warm while displaying them clearly on the counter. These are idea for holding warm hot dogs, fries or soft, heated pretzels. Refrigerated display cases are idea for cold foods such as deli sandwiches and prepared salads to go. Heavy gauge acrylic construction will be durable and rugged for everyday use.

Soup merchandisers will hold several quarts of soup in metal inserts. Many are available with menu boards, halogen lighting and canopy tops. Soup merchandisers are ideal for buffet style restaurants. For more information, contact a business such as http://louiswohl.com.