How To Choose A Spice Rack For Your Kitchen

There are about as many different types of wall spice racks as there are spices, so you'll have no problem finding one to fit your personal preference. No matter if your kitchen decor style is rustic, modern, or somewhere in between, there's a hanging spice rack that will complement it.

Not only do spice racks look attractive when neatly arranged and hung on the wall, they also serve an important purpose in your kitchen as well. They allow you to keep all of your spice jars and bottles organized and conveniently at your fingertips, which is a time-saver if you cook often. There are several ways that you can arrange your rack, such as by separating cooking and baking spices and seasonings and placing them on different levels. 

If you're not sure what type of spice rack will look and perform best in your kitchen, here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Cabinet Rack

If you have a small kitchen and with limited wall space, consider installing a spice rack on the side of a cabinet. Depending on the length of your cabinets, you can find a rack with as many as five tiers to accommodate all of your seasonings.

Cabinet racks are typically made of metal and have a minimal design for a streamlined appearance. You can also find them in various shades of wood if you want to match the cabinet color. 

2. Rustic Rack

For a more rustic look, go with a rack that is constructed of reclaimed barn wood. The wood boards are typically stained and nailed together to form a square, and then individual small metal racks are attached to it. When hung on the wall, the piece can look as decorative as artwork.

A black wrought iron spice rack is another idea for a rustic-inspired appearance. Some even feature intricate curves and scroll work for added interest. 

3. Sleek Rack

Another way to enhance a kitchen with limited wall space is with a clear acrylic spice rack. Not only will the see-through rack take up less visual space, it will look sleek and modern as well. When going with this type of rack, try to choose clear glass spice jars with minimal labeling to coordinate with the look. 

You can also bottle the dry herbs yourself, and place the labels on the lids for a sleeker appearance. The acrylic racks are available in individual tiers so that you can customize the size, or as one piece. 

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