How To Plan A Great Labor Day Picnic

Whether you are planning a Labor Day picnic for your family reunion or for people at your work, you are smart to plan early. The summer days are slipping by quickly and soon it will be fall. From sending out invitations to purchasing dry ice for frozen foods, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a great Labor Day event.

Let People Know Your Plans Early - One thing you have in your favor is that by Labor Day, most people are home from summer vacations. Even so, let them know of your plans ahead of time so that they can calendar your Labor Day picnic soon. 

  • Make a list of everybody that should be included in your invitation list. If this is a work-related event, a Labor Day picnic is the perfect time to include your worker's family members.
  • Send your invitations in the mail. Sure, it's easy to send emails. However, getting something in the mail is more fun and it probably leaves more of a lasting impression. 
  • Make sure your invitations arrive at least three weeks before Labor Day. And about two days before the event, think about sending a reminder email or text.
  • Ask for invitation recipients to RSVP, and give them a deadline for that. Even though everybody won't RSVP, at least you'll have an approximate number of people who will come to the picnic.

Plan The Food Early - Planning your menu early will help you to make a list of things that need to be purchased and things that need to be ordered.

  • What kind of food do you want? Will there be a theme? For example, if you are having a Mexican theme, think about having a taco buffet where everybody can create his or her own taco.
  • Will others be bringing food? If you want a potluck meal, ask people to bring things according to the first letter of their last name. When you do that, you won't end up with lots of desserts and not enough main dishes.
  • Whether others are bringing food or whether you are providing all of it, think about having frozen treats for either dessert or as an added treat.
  • Order dry ice for your frozen treats and for other things that need to be kept super cold. Dry ice is very affordable and can usually be bought or ordered right at your own grocery store. Consider getting enough dry ice for two large ice chests. One ice chest can be used for frozen treats while the other ice chest can be used for other foods.

Don't forget to take pictures at your Labor Day party. Send copies to those who attended to remind them of your fun event. For more information, visit websites like